‘Top View’ insights into our lives

How ‘harmless bahaviour’ becomes ‘ harmful habit’

Gateway Justifications by Thushan Jayaratne

When ‘being yourself’ is Convenient

Cut the Crap by Thushan Jayaratne

The Original Influencer was in the Garden of Eden

A Personal Postmortem

Flash Fiction

Feeling bad about not doing things, that you didn’t do

Armchair Failures by Thushan Jayaratne

Digesting the information we consume

Chew your food for thought by Thushan Jayaratne
  • swallowing the food easily
  • breaking food down in to smaller pieces so that the gastric juices in the stomach can break it down further
  • absorbing nutrients and fluids to the gastrointestinal tract
  • well digested food means that you are satiated and are less likely to consume junk food thus increase caloric intake
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • its…

A short story

Thushan Jayaratne

Communications Thought Leader • Humorist & Satirist • Personal Growth Hacker | Sri Lanka

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