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So you’ve built a House! And damn, it look so good. From the outside, it seems like its well put together, it has nice looking walls, French windows, its painted in nice colors which attract the gaze of people passing by and you like it that people look at your house and that they liked it.

And at the end of the day, you come back into this house, a house that you spent a lot time building for yourself and your family to live in. You worked hard to build it and feel that, since it looks good from…

How ‘harmless bahaviour’ becomes ‘ harmful habit’

Gateway Justifications by Thushan Jayaratne

Gateways Drugs
Have you heard of the ‘Gateway Drug’ Theory? It basically suggests that the use of relatively Mild drugs such as Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana leads to the abuse of Harder drugs such as Cocaine, Heroine etc.

This is what ENCYCLOPEDIA.COM says;

The “gateway drug theory” describes the phenomenon in which an introduction to drug-using behavior through the use of tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana is related to subsequent use of other illicit drugs. The theory suggests that, all other things being equal, an adolescent who uses any one drug is more likely to use another drug. In practice, early…

When ‘being yourself’ is Convenient

I am trying to do Standup Comedy, which of course requires one to ‘perform’. So for someone like me who has no theatre experience whatsoever, performing takes some effort.

But then One of my Good friends told me that I am naturally funny and that I should ‘just be myself’ when I am doing my standup act. What she told me made a lot of sense. I tend to get some decent laughs from my friends and family, I am not trying to perform for them, I am just myself. …

Cut the Crap by Thushan Jayaratne

I have been working out since I was 12 years old, because I was a Fat bastard. Those were the days of Commando, Rambo etc and all the boys (and some Girls too I guess), wanted arms and specially biceps like Schwarzenegger and Stallone. My body has been through many changes during the 25 years since then.

Even though I had worked out a lot and many many hours had been put into working out my biceps, it took till I was 37, for my biceps to finally start showing definition of some significance. …

The Original Influencer was in the Garden of Eden

I have been thinking a lot about ‘Influencers’ lately. NO, not anyone in particular and NOT in the way that I am ‘supposed to’ (fortunately or unfortunately).

I was thinking about Who influenced me when I was growing up, who is influencing me now, who influenced history, who influenced people in the last 100 years, the last 1000 years etc.

When I kept going back, I remembered the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Turns out that (among other things), this was also the #genesis of #influencermarketing

This is my Fun Insight on it. Apologies in…

A Personal Postmortem

Below are some thoughts that I had put down in 2019, about a month after the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka in April. I don’t know why I never published them, maybe because I felt that, as it was my personal sentiments as a mere onlooker about a very painful tragedy, I am not qualified to write about this. But given that almost Two years on, we seem to have not got any real closure on why this was done and who was responsible, I felt that I need to publish my thoughts.

There is this unspeakable and unexplainable…

Flash Fiction

There were about 50 Butterflies on the inside of my front door, they were all brown though, maybe they were Moths. Anyways, there they were. all lined up like intricately arranged flowers on a large vertical Cake, It was crazy. My rescue dog Teddy was going mad, trying to catch and play with each one of them. My Father opened the door and tried to let them out, urging them towards the front porch but they were flying everywhere. I took my phone out to record it because it was one of the most fascinating things that I had seen…

Feeling bad about not doing things, that you didn’t do

Armchair Failures by Thushan Jayaratne

Its a Monday morning and you really want to start the week off on a high and get back into the work / write / workout routine. Given a weeks’ break and a weak body after a bout of the Flu, you figure that the best thing for a quick boost would be a rapid-fire set of pushups. 30 is the magic number in your head, just to test the waters as this was usually your warmup exercise.

But then this series of nagging thoughts of came in;

“will I be able to do 30?”
“after all, I am not as…

Digesting the information we consume

Chew your food for thought by Thushan Jayaratne

We have been taught from a very young age that we need to chew our food. Our ancestors used to do it, our grandparents’s did it with great conviction and purpose.

As the essential First step of digestion, chewing food well helps with;

  • swallowing the food easily
  • breaking food down in to smaller pieces so that the gastric juices in the stomach can break it down further
  • absorbing nutrients and fluids to the gastrointestinal tract
  • well digested food means that you are satiated and are less likely to consume junk food thus increase caloric intake
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • its…

A short story

It was a dark and gloomy Sunday afternoon, the kind of weather that makes even the most motivated entrepreneur want to crawl back into bed with their favourite ‘Rags to Riches’ autobiography. It was cold too, and it was apparent even to my Five year old scared little mind. I am not sure what it was exactly, but I think it was mainly because a lot of people around me kept saying things like “its really cold, let’s have a hot PlainTea”.

As I walked down this narrow street, I remember seeing boys around my age in shorts and colourful…

Thushan Jayaratne

Communications Thought Leader • Humorist & Satirist • Personal Growth Hacker | Sri Lanka

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