Butterfly Misses

There were about 50 Butterflies on the inside of my front door, they were all brown though, maybe they were Moths. Anyways, there they were. all lined up like intricately arranged flowers on a large vertical Cake, It was crazy. My rescue dog Teddy was going mad, trying to catch and play with each one of them. My Father opened the door and tried to let them out, urging them towards the front porch but they were flying everywhere. I took my phone out to record it because it was one of the most fascinating things that I had seen. And I also wanted to send it to my friend’s little daughter because I knew that she will absolutely love it. I put the camera on and it kept going to the photos but not the video. I kept swiping for video but nothing was happening…I got so fucking frustrated…here I was, in the middle of probably the most amazing thing to happen this side of lockdown and the most basic function on my phone, the camera was playing up! I kept swiping like a First-timer on Tinder and was thinking why the hell can I not record this…then suddenly I realised…and I woke up!