Did Sri Lanka’s Hospitality Put So Many Sri Lankans In Hospital? COVID19 INQUIRY:

First COVID19 Patient leaving the hospital after recovering weeks before the eventual lockdown in Sri Lanka

Covid19 Patient #1 detected in Sri Lanka: 27th January
Covid19 Patient #1, recovered and discharged: 19th February
Covid19 Patient #2 detected in Sri Lanka: 11th March
Country put on Lockdown: 20th March

I always said that this Sri Lankan hospitality (to the degree that everyone hypes it up to be, when it suits their agenda), is load of Bull Shit. We are a friendly and/or hostile people, just like everyone else. Its just that being reliant on Tourism, being friendly i.e hospitable, had an economic upside for Sri Lanka.

This ‘HOSPITALITY’ in my personal opinion, is just ‘REFINED SLAVERY’ inculcated in us through centuries of Colonisation. Where we were trained to serve the ‘White Skinned Master’ OR ELSE!

One needs to just read the Facebook posts during a time of Crisis to see ‘TRUE SRI LANKAN HOSPITALITY’, be it the Easter attacks, Communal Violence or Covid19. What fucking hospitality in a country where we take the first opportunity that comes our way to stab someone in the back for our personal gain. Where we turn on each other in a matter of minutes because our Political masters said to.

What slavery and oppression does to us, individually and collectively as a Society, is take away our sense of identity and intrinsic authenticity. So that it makes it easier for the Masters and/or Oppressors (modern day politicians and the Rich), to give us all kinds of false identities whenever they choose.

Hero, Patriot, Traitor, Victim, Damsel in distress, Villain…these are just a few of the identities that we unconsciously and readily assume at a drop of a hat…or should I say, false propaganda (since we are so hospitable and all that).

Among these, VICTIM is Sri Lanka’s favourite identity. Because that is the identity that the Government, Media and the Rich can get us to adopt, with minimum cost and effort. It is also their favourite identity because once they Create a Monster aka the Villain aka Easter attack, Covid19 (the hysteria NOT the Medical condition), they can then proceed to create the Heroes and Bad guys etc.

And we, sit with our proverbial ‘pop corn’ in front of the TV and watch the show. Cheering when our guy wins, Sad when our guy dies, Angry when our type is victimised, happy when our people are Saved.

Hospitality…Yes please…How much for a Pack???

Communications Thought Leader • Humorist & Satirist • Personal Growth Hacker | Sri Lanka

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