Never Getting Enough Of What We Don’t Need

Starving on a Full stomach

Thushan Jayaratne
1 min readAug 25


Having satisfied one need, another arises. Because we are just temporarily satisfying the latest manifestation / want of the deeper need. And until we see this and stop trying to satisfy this unquenchable thirst and hunger, we will keep starving.

A thirst, that can never be quenched

A hunger, that can never be Satisfied

A fear, that can never be justified

A love, that can never be felt

A storm, that can never be calmed

A darkness, that can never be dispelled

A night, that will never become dawn

A river, that will never fall to the Sea

Forever seeking

Forever wanting

Forever hoping

Forever praying

Forever asking

This is what we call Life

This is what we study, work, earn l, live and die for

Degrees, jobs, cars, houses, lovers, children, hobbies, friends, enemies, pets

We seek ourselves everywhere, in everyone and in everything where it cannot be found

Knowing deep down that nothing lasts forever and nothing we do has real significance

We get out of bed and live forever…for the day!



Thushan Jayaratne

I joke about everything and write about some of them. Human Racist and Politically Incorrect. Life is a Punny affair.